Team Augmentation

Get Access to Highly Qualified and Ready-to-onboard resources in just 24 hours. Our On-demand Staff Augmentation services are flexible, customized, and fully tailor-made for your niche business requirements. We offer a diverse range of professionals and in case you are looking to hire software developers, front-end developers, DevOps engineers, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, systems analysts, AI developers, consultants, Oracle specialists, Salesforce experts, and cyber security resources to meet your specific needs, feel free to get in touch with us.


Our Approach


During this phase, Syscort works closely with the client to understand their business needs, project goals, and resource requirements.

Resource Identification

Based on the client's requirements, Syscort identifies the resources needed to augment the client's team, including their skill sets, experience, and availability.


Once the resources are identified, Syscort works with the client to onboard them onto the project, ensuring that they have the necessary tools, access, and training to hit the ground running. 

Project Execution

Syscort's team of professionals work alongside the client's team to execute the project, meeting all milestones and deliverables on time and within budget.

Knowledge Transfer

Once the project is complete, Syscort ensures that all knowledge and best practices are transferred back to the client, enabling them to maintain and further develop the project in-house.


Onboard Highly Skilled Resources as per Your Project Needs in Just 24 Hours.

Engagement Model

Syscort’s team augmentation engagement models are designed to provide clients with flexibility and cost-effectiveness while ensuring high-quality deliverables. The engagement model is chosen based on the client’s project requirements and goals. 

Fixed Cost Model

In this model, the client and Syscort agree on a fixed budget and scope for the project. Syscort's team works within the specified scope, and the client pays a predetermined amount, regardless of the actual time and effort expended. This model is suitable for clients who prefer cost predictability and have well-defined project requirements.

Time & Material Model

In this model, the client pays for the actual time and effort expended by Syscort's team, based on an hourly or daily rate. The scope of work is flexible, and the client can modify the requirements as the project progresses. This model is suitable for clients who require flexibility and have evolving project requirements.

Our Delivery Model

Our Team Augmentation services follow a proven approach that is designed to ensure success for clients.


In this model, Syscort's team works at the client's location, providing close collaboration and regular face-to-face interactions with the client's team. This model is suitable for clients who prefer a high level of control and involvement in the project.


In this model, Syscort's team works remotely from its own office, communicating with the client's team through virtual channels such as email, chat, and video conferencing. This model is suitable for clients who value cost-effectiveness and flexibility.


In this model, Syscort's team works both onsite and offsite, depending on the project's requirements. This model is suitable for clients who require a balance between the benefits of onsite and offsite models, such as regular face-to-face interactions and cost-effectiveness.

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