Whether you need a few additional resources to meet project deadlines or a dedicated team to drive business, we specialize in finding the right resource for your unique requirements. Here’s how it works.

5-Step Staff Augmentation Process we follow


Understand Client’s business needs, project goals, and resource requirements. 

Resource Identification

Profile shortlisting as per the client’s requirement  


Resource onboarding ensuring that they have the necessary tools, access, and training to hit the ground running. 

Project Execution

Ensuring smooth project execution meeting all milestones and deliverables on time and within budget. 

Knowledge Transfer

Upon project completion, Syscort ensures that all knowledge is transferred back to the client, enabling them to further develop the project in-house. 

Elevate Your Projects with Syscort Staff Augmentation

Syscort’s team augmentation engagement models offer clients both flexibility and cost-effectiveness, while ensuring the delivery of high-quality results. The specific model deployed is carefully selected to align with the unique requirements and objectives of each client’s project. 

Fixed Cost Model

Syscort and the client establish a fixed scope and budget for the project. Our team works within the specified scope, and the client pays a predetermined amount, regardless of the actual time and effort expended. This model is ideal for clients seeking cost predictability and those with clearly defined project specifications. 

Time & Material Model

In this model, clients pay Syscort based on the actual time and effort their team invests, calculated at an hourly or daily rate. The scope of work remains adaptable, allowing clients to adjust the project requirements as needed. This model is particularly well-suited for clients who need flexibility and have project requirements that may evolve over time. 

Scale up your Team with Software Developers in United Arab Emirates 

Our Delivery Model

Our Team Augmentation services follow a proven approach that is designed to ensure success for clients.


Syscort's team works at the client's location, providing close collaboration and regular face-to-face interactions with the client's team, suitable for clients who prefer a high level of control and involvement in the project. 


Syscort's team works remotely from its own office, communicating with the client's team through virtual channels such as email, chat, and video conferencing, suitable for clients who value cost-effectiveness and flexibility. 


Syscort's team works both onsite and offsite, depending on the project's requirements, suitable for clients who require a balance between the benefits of onsite and offsite models. 

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