Robotic Process Automation

Helping you reduce cost and complexity through innovative IT solutions

Business Process Discovery

Build your end-to-end process by analyzing the gaps in process, people and productivity, recognizing the most efficient path to automation

The right and relevant business processes are more crucial than an original business idea. The business process discovery is a set of defined tools and techniques used to define the business processes of an enterprise. Our knowledge of automation, machine learning and digital transformation solutions ensures that you have the right business processes in place. We provide process mapping, advanced ML algorithms, automation workflows and Business Process Analysis (BPA) and employ Process Discovery bots to monitor an organization’s business processes.


RPA Implementation

A digital workforce and automation help eliminate the repetitive tasks of your business processes

Employing of software bots to automate repetitive and routine tasks performed by knowledge workers significantly saves time and costs for the organisation. Reduced human error, higher productivity and allocation of workers to other value add tasks and business functions are only some of the benefits of RPA. Our RPA expert team’s understanding and experience in improving the workflow, decision making capability of applications and workers and leveraging of the structured and unstructured data available, makes us a go-to partner for your RPA needs. Syscort’s development, design, deployment and maintenance capabilities in this area help address the challenges businesses face.

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