Cloud Services

Helping you reduce cost and complexity through innovative IT solutions

Managed Cloud Services

Providing powerful cloud computing solutions developed and managed to deliver exceptional performance, high ROI and end-user value

Many enterprises across industries gain significantly by deploying applications on public, private, hybrid or a multi cloud. If you need a partner that can offer you flexibility to operate across multi-cloud environments, then look no further than Syscort. We provide the cloud independence, consistency and confidence offered by VMware. We work on creating the best solutions that leverage the cloud platform, helping you save cost on onsite IT infrastructure and provide advanced application security. Syscort has teams that help with the end-to-end development and deployment of your application on cloud. Our knowledge of cloud computing, multi-cloud ecosystems, multi-cloud integration and multi-cloud management helps your business pick and choose the best of the cloud applications and manage the cloud services for you.


Monitoring and Management

Offering full suite of outsourced IT services designed to help your business be more ecure and more productive so you can focus on pursuing your business goals

Our monitoring and management services optimize the latest monitoring tools, technologies and methods. With up-to-date reports, alerts, instant notifications, diagnosis and incident reporting you can be assured about the availability and health of your software applications. Syscort’s experts monitor servers, networks and applications following quality and troubleshooting standards. Cost and time savings, reduced downtime and reduced productivity issues are only few of the benefits that our customers receive.

Hybrid Cloud Operations

An ideal solution to improve computing and storage power, optimize the scarce resource of physical space, reduce costs and strain on local resources

Hybrid cloud environment uses a mix of on-premise and third-party services, which gives the best of both worlds – private and public cloud. Hybrid cloud is cost-effective, scalable and offers better security and flexibility. Syscort’s team of experts ensure the security of your IT operations on hybrid cloud, because our experience gives us the confidence to mitigate the problems arising when multiple cloud providers are involved. Our disaster recovery and backup activities in this realm are best-inclass. As your service provider, we ensure service availability, accessibility, portability and connectivity.

Reach out to us if you need a partner that takes care of your applications in a hybrid cloud environment to give you a competitive edge and improve your service delivery.